The False Ego Brings on Spiritual Suicide
Title Date Location Length
The False Ego Brings on Spiritual Suicide Maryland, USA 0:10:01
Awakening from the Mystic Sleep - The All Pervasiveness of God May 1993 Maryland, USA 2:14:49
Loving Relationships, Unity with Diversity September 1993 Maryland, USA 1:53:26
House Blessing, Madhavacarya & Kunti March 1995 Maryland, USA 1:09:45
Giving Up Improper Desires November 1995 Maryland, USA 1:15:54
From Addiction to Recovery December 1995 Maryland, USA 1:02:00
Arrival at the Spiritual World December 1995 Maryland, USA 1:16:30
Visualization and Spiritual Progress January 1996 Maryland, USA 1:23:08
Timelessness, Re-Establishing Harmony and Bliss March 1996 Maryland, USA 1:21:12
Earth Changes, Life Takes on New Meaning April 1996 Maryland, USA 1:50:15
Religiosity vs. Transcendental Spiritual Involvement October 1996 Maryland, USA 1:46:44
The Degradation of Christmas and How to Rectify it Spiritually December 1996 Maryland, USA 1:25:22
Nourishment for the Soul February 1997 Maryland, USA 1:29:25
The Hale Bopp Comet, Cloning & Mass Suicide March 1997 Maryland, USA 1:43:57
The Demoniac Agenda September 1997 Maryland, USA 0:59:26
Perceptions of Money October 1997 Maryland, USA 1:20:17
At the Court of the Superintendent of Death October 1997 Maryland, USA 1:20:28
The Need to be Mindful at All Times October 1997 Maryland, USA 1:22:56
Material Sex Life vs. Spiritual Union December 1997 Maryland, USA 1:01:33
Breaking Through Obsessive Compulsive Disorder January 1998 Maryland, USA 1:34:34
Stop the Violence January 1998 Maryland, USA 1:17:24
Union of the Physical with the Soul February 1998 Maryland, USA 1:28:22
Leadership, Not to See, to Do or to Tell, but to Be February 1998 Maryland, USA 1:32:10
The Dream Effect in the Life of Vaisnavas October 1998 Maryland, USA 0:48:48
Who We Were and What We Are Becoming November 1998 Maryland, USA 1:40:45
A Real Sadhu is a True Renunciate February 1999 Maryland, USA 0:42:39
Swami Krishnapada meets Nelson Mandela (Radio Talk Show) June 1999 Maryland, USA 0:29:02
A Supreme Meditation June 1999 Maryland, USA 1:04:20
Going Beyond Metaphysics November 1999 Takoma Park, Maryland, USA 1:09:03
The Importance of Losing Oneself to Gain Oneself, Going Beyond the False Ego December 1999 Maryland, USA 1:23:25
Denying the False Ego is a Sign of a Big False Ego December 1999 Maryland, USA 1:08:26
Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude May 2000 Maryland, USA 2:04:45
One Day Closer to Our Reunion June 2000 Maryland, USA 1:28:29
Questions and Answers - Siksa Guru and Deity Worship August 2000 Maryland, USA 1:29:53