April 8, 1983Washington DC USA01:34:14
Self-Sufficiency, Comment on Srila Prabhupada's Siksamrta
July 1, 1987Nigeria00:55:22
The Making of a Nation
June 1, 1989Nigeria00:59:47
Live! From Nigeria on RSTV - Series of Radio and TV interviews on Spiritual Topics
June 18, 1989Washington DC USA01:34:45
Spiritual Insights for the Entrepreneur
August 1, 1989Nigeria00:46:12
Discussions on Intuition and Prayer
May 7, 1990Washington DC USA01:33:45
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
June 6, 1990Washington DC USA01:35:01
Stress and Time Management
June 13, 199001:32:41
Psychic Defense
August 9, 199001:02:22
Celibacy and Spiritual Sex
August 22, 1990Howard University Washington DC USA
UFOs, Extraterrestrials & the Mothership
August 25, 199001:26:53
August 26, 1990Washington DC USA00:41:20
Health and spiritual life
August 29, 199001:34:02
Walk ins versus possession
September 5, 1990Washington DC USA01:33:13
The Spiritual Master, Different Types of Gurus
September 12, 1990Washington DC USA01:28:58
Activities in the Spiritual World
September 19, 1990Washington DC USA01:29:49
The Worship of God in His Blackish Form
September 22, 1990Hyatsville Maryland USA01:13:07
Warnings for the Advanced Spiritualist
September 26, 1990Washington DC USA01:17:12
Meditations on the Lord in the Heart
October 3, 1990Washington DC USA01:31:55
Humility, the Key to Channeling the Highest Energy
March 4, 1991Washington DC USA01:00:21
A Spiritual Warrior on the Move (Radio Programs)
March 16, 1991Washington DC USA
An Observation of the Difficulties in Spiritual Life
March 20, 1991Washington DC USA01:28:43
The Secret to Unifying Africans and African-Americans
March 23, 1991Washington DC USA01:31:34
Techniques for Experiencing Different Levels of Self Realization
April 3, 1991Washington DC USA01:32:16
Demigods & Other Angelic Beings, Their Involvement in the New World Order
April 8, 1991Ghana01:26:42
Divine Love, A Prerequisite to the Kingdom of God
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