Leadership For An Age Of Higher Consciousness 1

Administration from a Metaphysical Perspective

The Leader in You

Leadership in any capacity has taken on such awesome proportions that even the best leaders must find innovative and creative ways to deal with today’s complex situations. Leadership for an Age of Higher Consciousness: Administration from a Metaphysical Perspective is a ground breaking self-help manual written for those who seek to develop a more penetrating perspective and greater effectiveness in the leadership process. This book is relevant for heads of government, organizations and families, and for anyone seeking greater insight into self-leadership.

An example in the truest sense of global principle-centered leadership, Swami Krishnapada (Bhakti Tirtha Swami) manages to take consciousness-raising to its highest platform of self-realized actuality in humanizing the workplace. My experience in working with all of the nations of the world convinces me that such a book is the corporate leadership guide for the coming millennium.

The Honorable Pierre Adossama Director, Labor Relations (Retired) International Labor Organization United Nations