Leadership For An Age Of Higher Consciousness 2

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

In this sequel to his internationally acclaimed Leadership for an Age of Higher Consciousness: Administration from a Metaphysical Perspective, His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami explores the greatness of two famous leaders from the Vedic tradition of ancient India.

Addressing the leader within each of us B. T. Swami shows us that the greatest leaders see themselves as servants first, they place integrity and character before personal gain, and the know how to tap into the help that is available from both the earthly and spiritual realms. True servant leaders re animated visionaries who cultivate divine power to transform diverse individuals with scattered goals into communities with a unified, sacred mission.

Good leadership is not just a matter of making things happen; it is a matter of making essential things happen, making important and productive things happen, and helping people feel good about what is happening. Leaders need to have a vision, but they also need to know how to convince others that their vision can manifest, and how to empower them to participate in the mission of bringing the vision about.

Excerpt from Leadership for an Age of Higher Consciousness, Vol. 2