Spiritual Warrior 1

Uncovering Spiritual Truths in Psychic Phenomena

Ancient Mysteries Revealed!

Get ready for a roller-coaster ride into the intriguing realm of ancient mysteries! It is rare to find the subjects in this book handled in such a piercing and straightforward way. Spiritual Warrior: Uncovering Spiritual Truths in Psychic Phenomena focuses on the spiritual essence of many topics that have bewildered scholars and scientists for generations, such as extraterrestrials, the pyramids and psychic intrusion. A fresh perspective is revealed, inviting the reader to expand the boundaries of the mind and experience a true and lasting connection with the inner self.

“As we rapidly approach the new millennium, more and more people are searching for spiritual answers to the meaning and purpose of life. The search, of course, begins with Self, and Swami Krishnapada’s book, Spiritual Warrior, provides a practical companion for the journey of the initiate. I am honored to recommend it. “

Gordon-Michael ScallionFuturist: EditorEarth Changes ReportMatrix Institute, Inc.