Spiritual Warrior 4

Conquering the Enemies of the Mind

Put on Your Spiritual Armor

Have you felt the tide of depression, anxiety and hopelessness sweeping the globe? The Spiritual Warrior series arms those who answer the call with the spiritual weapons and armor they need to battle these debilitating plagues. This latest offering includes real-world examples showing how attitude changes the way our challenges affect us. B. T. Swami provides us with a series of simple meditations to carry with us into our daily battles that help us maintain proper perspective, make better decisions and achieve uplifting results.

His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami shares with us insights in spiritual technology from ancient sources that are in many ways the most radical and scientifically advanced life-style and thought systems available to us. He espouses the applications of a mental health approach based on spiritual realities that integrate individual and social healing themes across the range of human experience and opportunity.

Kenneth Carter, M.D., MPH, Dipl. Ac. (Master of Public Health, Board Certified in Psychiatry and Acupuncture)