Spiritual Warrior 6

Beyond Fanaticism, Terrorism and War: Discover the Peace Solution

Embracing Faith, Defeating Fanaticism

The amount of violence currently pervading the planet has people wondering what we can do as individuals to make a difference. Bhakti Tirtha Swami examines the causes and effects of war, terrorism, fanaticism, and sectarianism. Along the way he lovingly reminds us that each of us has major influence over what-ever happens on this planet. The more that we understand what we can attain through righteousness and purity, the more we will want to move away from ignorance and confusion by running towards the higher goals. let us get involved in raising consciousness as we move on and march as spiritual warriors committed to producing a better planet.

The quest for peace and justice in the world is not the responsibility of a few individuals….We can effect the needed change any time we want. It is a choice between fear and love, violence and peace. This book is an excellent guideline for waging peace and love. His Holiness B. T. Swami engages us in new approaches to saving this world from self-destruction

Richard Kuuire, Former Director General of Ghana Prisons Service, Advisor to theHonorable Minister of Interior