The Beggar 1

Meditations and Prayers on the Supreme Lord

Deeply penetrating reflections in the form of a personal dialogue with God remind the reader of the necessity to dedicate time to spiritual growth along with secular pursuits. Written in an easily readable, non-sectarian style, this book explores such topics as patience, tolerance, humility, compassion and determination. The author presents these subjects not as quaint musings from another age but as necessary tools for maintaining sanity in a world full of conflict and stress.

Now, my dear Lord, I am completely confused. I have tried to attract You, but I see I have nothing to attract You with. I am a pretender. I want Your kingdom, without You. I am a criminal who has tried to plead innocent, and now I have nowhere to hide, no presentations to make. What am I to do, dear Lord?

Then I heard the Lord say: “You have always been, and always will be dear to Me, but you do not believe it. Therefore you separate us by being an enemy to yourself. Come on, My child, and experience what it is to be fully dear to Me.”

Excerpt from The Beggar