The Beggar 2

Crying Out for the Mercy

Commune with the Lord

This deeply inspirational offering to the Lord and His devotees is Bhakti Tirtha Swami’s wonderful follow-up book to The Beggar I: Meditations and Prayers on the Supreme Lord. You’ll love this all new collection of prayers, meditations and essays, as they make you cry, laugh, and most of all, commune with that innermost part of you that’s crying out for the mercy. This book is a must read, so order yours now, and get ready for the Lord’s mercy!

Immediately I felt the weight of my deficiencies, and realized how polluted my consciousness had become. The voice continued speaking, giving me a welcome distraction.

“Despite your many deficiencies, I have been drawn to you by the intensity of your greed and desperation for transcendence. In fact, I have been sanctioned by higher authority to reveal your shortcomings to you. I therefore beg you to listen closely, for this is a rare opportunity that may not come again for many lifetimes.”

“I braced myself for a rude awakening…”

Excerpt from The Beggar II