The Beggar 4

Die Before Dying

Death is to Remove Everything False and Secondary

This newest offering of prayers and meditations written by Bhakti Tirtha Swami began after he was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Through these illuminating meditations we participate in the process he calls “die before dying.” It is easy to take so many opportunities for granted, even life itself. However, when we no longer have such opportunities, we are often forced to reflect more on how we have benefited from past situations. Just as there is life, there is death. Someone or something takes birth, grows, stays for some time, deteriorates, and then dies. Therefore, it is important to say and do whatever is best for all now because once the body is gone, the soul departs for its next encounter.

We must allow every day of our lives to represent healthy closure now! When we live for love, this is most natural because all of our associations will be quality associations in which we share our compassion, determination, and realizations, and receive the same from others. This is the technology of how to celebrate life now and live with proper preparation and detachment, so that we will master the science of dying before dying so as to connect with the should and its home-the spiritual world. After all, death is to remove all that is false and secondary. I am that lowly beggar who is desperately trying to die before dying.

Excerpts from The Beggar IV